• Actor

    How Did I Get Here?

Actor Out of Place


s an actor, I like concepts that put me in a place I don’t imagine myself. I find that the more unfamiliar the subject matter, the better I am able to engage with it. This is a strange super-power to have, but the projects I’ve worked on have benefited greatly from it.

My career as an actor has taken me across many industries, including:

  • Historical Re-enactment
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Music
  • IT

Unpolished is Best


hen I hear “actor,” I think of someone who meticulously rehearses lines and conducts exhaustive research on their character. I also imagine wigs, makeup chairs, and egos run completely amok. Hell, maybe they’re even into method acting, going temporarily but purposefully insane by replacing their personality with another.

This is not me. I make up lines. My wardrobe is anything but impressive. I tend to freely associate themes from disparate scenes. Honestly, I’m probably not the easiest actor to work with because when I’m on camera, I want to engage with my partners in the weirdness that is acting.

And this weirdness is why I enjoy acting – its this strange space where you can experiment with other participants and see how they react. Through the exchanges mediated by the camera, you’re able to explore potential universes. It’s almost like training for real life, in that sense.

Especially for someone who loves wordplay and treats half of his conversations as opportunities to confuse his partner like myself, this invaluable. Boiled down, acting provides me with a platform – in addition to media production – to hone my chops for fucking with the world.