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November 12, 2022: Rural Japan Adventures

Here’s one of many engaging summaries of my rural Japan adventures shared in a longer article on my Substack, perfect for those intrigued by unique cultural and exploratory experiences: Rare Dogs and Remote Retreats On a recent excursion to Minami Boso, I encountered the Shikoku Inu. It is a rare breed of dog known for […]

On Balance…

Balance in professional and personal life is great, but when its persistent things tend to get a little dull. I tend to take a rockier road, where things dynamically interact with each other, sometimes producing stasis, and other times chaos. But being able to navigate these is the skill I value most, so it’s allllll good.

No Comfort, New Year

Hey there. It’s a new year, and I feel like shirking the comfort of my surroundings and exploring things. I use this site enough, so I figure it’ll be fun to see what trouble I can get myself into with this blog. So here goes.