• Content & Exposure

    Matthew Ketchum in the Media

Multimedia Content Exposure

I’m not particularly interested in pursuing content production or media exposure for my projects. That’s not to say I don’t see value in it, I just prefer doing things more than talking about it most of the time. Honestly, I kind of just wait for orgs to get in touch with me rather than chasing after them.

However, it seems that I’ve done a good job of stoking interest in my activities in others. My work in music, real estate, crypto tends to pique organizations’ curiosity, and I’m happy to oblige. As such, I frequently appear across media formats including text articles, youtube interviews, and podcasts.

In the Papers

Text content is comparatively easy to produce, has minor visual elements, and is easily edited. As such, I’m a fan, though it’s not as flashy or fun as other mediums. I consider this type of content the backbone of the entire ecosystem.

On the Big Screen

I like visual content best, but it’s also the most difficult to produce. The work required to make outstanding visual content is considerable, but also totally worth it. As such, I’m generally somewhat picky about participating in visual projects.

If I can’t be certain the final product will look good, I’m not so interested. But if you’ve got the skill or vision (and not necessarily the gear – I have that), I’ll want to explore further.

On the Pod

Audio content is the most fun of these three media types. I’m an alright conversationalist, and people tend enjoy my stories, anecdotes, and opinions. As such, I’m pretty easy to get on a podcast, and I’ve even produced my own!

If you ever feel like shooting the shit, get in touch.