Media Exposure

While I prioritize action over publicity, my work in music, real estate, and crypto consistently attracts media interest. While appreciate the attention, I tend not to actively pursue coverage, preferring instead to let organizations reach out to me. As my projects tend to be on the cutting edge, I have been featured in various media formats, including articles in print publications. Whether you’re into IT, alternative lifestyles, or something else, explore these articles below to learn more about my diverse projects and insights.

In the Papers

Firstly, we have text media, which holds a unique place in my approach—it’s straightforward to produce, can be refined with ease, and offers a solid foundation for communicating complex ideas. While it may lack the visual flair of other media, I like its ability to convey nuanced details and insights effectively.

As such, I consider text-based content to be the backbone of my creative ecosystem, grounding my work in clarity and depth. Explore this section to access articles and features that delve into my diverse projects and perspectives.

On the Screen

Visual media holds a special allure for me—it captivates audiences and brings ideas to life. However, it’s also the most challenging to produce. Creating exceptional visual experiences requires considerable effort and attention to detail. Yet, this challenge makes the final product incredibly rewarding. Consequently, I’m selective about the visual projects I take on, prioritizing quality and impact.

If your vision aligns with my standards and promises a high-quality result (and don’t worry about the equipment—I have that covered), I’m eager to collaborate. Let’s explore how we can create something truly outstanding together.

On the Pod

Finally comes audio media, which I consider the most enjoyable of all three media types. I consider myself a decent conversationalist, and people seem to appreciate my stories, anecdotes, and opinions. As a result, I’m quite easy to get on a podcast, and I’ve even produced my own! Look into this section to explore my podcast appearances and productions, where you can hear firsthand the insights and experiences that drive my work.

If you ever feel like shooting the shit, get in touch.

Exploring Media & The Shape of Tomorrow

Embarking on a journey through media coverage has been an enriching experience for me, Matt Ketchum. At every turn, whether discussing blockchain advancements or advocating for rural revitalization through Akiyaz, I’ve found these interactions to be pivotal. They connect innovative ideas with diverse audiences, bridging gaps between technology, culture, and societal progress.

Through these engagements, I’ve had the opportunity to share insights into emerging technologies and celebrate Japan’s vibrant underground music scene. Each feature and interview has been a stepping stone, guiding me toward deeper connections and broader impacts.

As I move forward, I eagerly anticipate new collaborations and opportunities to educate and inspire. From tech innovations to cultural narratives, expect to find insights, stories, and breakthroughs that push boundaries and shape the future.

Thank you for joining me on this dynamic journey of exploration and discovery in the ever-evolving landscape of media coverage.