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    My Own Creative Pursuits


In most of my activities, I believe the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning. My experiences have shown that board rooms or open offices can’t match the innovation that happens in the unconventional. I’ve transformed abandoned housing markets, explored uncharted cultural ecosystems, and combined cutting-edge technology and community. As such, I’ve developed a taste for these audacious projects, and hope they inspire those who encounter them.

Audacious Projects from Concept to Reality

My journey has been fueled by an affinity for audacious projects. I pursue the things that lie on the periphery of common knowledge and demand a daring approach. From developing unused properties in Japan’s rural landscapes to documenting and revitalizing underrepresented cultural niches, my work is about turning the overlooked into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Dinner parties are just like any other project.

Akiyaz redefines Japan’s approach to abandoned homes. We facilitate due diligence for buyers and develop ecosystem audits for municipalities. This initiative simplifies akiya acquisition and empowers local governments, enhancing community development and sustainability.

Digital Springs transforms a traditional ryokan into a cutting-edge IT hub, powered by web3 and geothermal energy. This initiative blends Japan’s cultural heritage with modern technology. It fosters a sustainable community focused on innovation and learning.

Kaala Music champions the underground music scene in Japan, spotlighting overlooked genres. We organize events and produce media to support artists challenging musical norms. This fosters a thriving community of alternative music.

I thrive on transforming the unconventional into the unforgettable. Each project is a new canvas, where tradition meets innovation to paint the future of how we live, learn, and connect.

Pioneering Sustainable Progress Through Cultural and Technological Integration

My projects are the embodiment of a deep-seated belief that true progress is only achievable by marrying tradition with innovation. They are not mere business endeavors; they are my contributions to a future where every community can thrive sustainably. I undertake these initiatives because I see inherent value in challenging the status quo, in transforming the underutilized or overlooked into platforms for widespread change.

Each project—from revitalizing Japan’s forgotten akiya with Akiyaz, to pioneering cutting-edge, sustainable tech hubs with Digital Springs, to promoting Japan’s vibrant underground music culture with Kaala Music—is a step towards this vision. They are designed not only to succeed commercially but to enrich, educate, and inspire communities, weaving the fabric of tradition into the progress of tomorrow. My work across these diverse fields continually fuels my passion for innovation, drives my professional growth, and significantly influences the impact I aim to have on the world.