• Projects

    The Sky is Not the Limit

Projects like Space Stations or Dinner Parties


ive me audacious projects and I’ll give you results. I’ve done my time in stuffy board rooms, trendy open offices, and everything between. After so long in stifling spaces, I’ve concluded that life is too short not to open up to weird projects and the wide world that produces them.

I’m at my best in the field working on projects on the periphery of public knowledge. Things not yet understood that require experimentation are those with the most potential. This is where my passions meet practice.

Developing rural abandoned housing markets? Documenting unheard of cultural ecosystems? Integrating cryptocurrency into harm reduction NPOs? Need web design or media production for your own oddball business venture? I’ve had the pleasure to work on these jobs and more, and deliver results.

My ideal projects are those creative oddities. With a crew of experienced practitioners armed with battle scars, an appreciation for telling outlandish stories over a few bottles of wine, and a decent vinyl collection, we can accomplish anything.

It’s All Good

If you’ve got something that needs outside-of-the-box thinking, hit me up. That can be either for wild projects that are already walking the walk, or for ones that are suffering from a lack of fresh ideas. Both are right up my alley, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss lift off.