• Advisory

    Customized Strategies for Success

Holistic Business Advisory

In Japan’s complex business environment, traditional approaches often fall short. My advisory service combines deep dialogue with real-life experiences, resulting in a holistic understanding of personal and professional challenges. Fittingly, this leads my clients to improved problem-solving and strategic development. I focus on integrating the practical with the philosophical. This way, clients navigate modern business landscapes, turning challenges into steps for success.

Bespoke Solutions

  • Cost Transformation

    Improve organizational development with a workflow audit.

  • Customer Experience

    Enhance customer retention by focusing on product and environment.

  • Learning & Development

    Boost success by mastering the essential lay of the land.

  • Operations

    Identify issues to optimize your organization’s performance.

  • Organization

    Understand and optimize your business’s many moving parts with me.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Improve sales with strategic web and marketing enhancements.

  • Strategy

    Align your organization’s core areas for peak performance.

  • Sustainability

    Transform talking points into actionable change with my help.

Customized Business Strategies for Japan

Consulting often relies on one-size-fits-all solutions, which often and easily overlook each client’s unique intricacies. Appropriately, my approach favors customized solutions instead of the tried-and-true. My strategies consider the full spectrum of a client’s circumstances, harmonizing professional objectives with personal values. At the end of the day, our goal working together is to increase performance and well-being.

A Background of Diverse Experiences

My approach to business advisory is deeply influenced by my rich history of experience. Having served as a first responder in natural disasters, I’ve developed resilience and a capacity to think critically under pressure. This background allows me to bring a calm, measured approach to crisis management within business contexts. Furthermore, my experience in the world of rock concerts has shown me the importance of creativity and energy in professional endeavors. Finally, I have spent considerable time digging through strange and poorly organized business ecosystems to create entirely new business models.

Combined, these experiences allow me to ‘rewild’ business practices, encouraging clients to embrace change and innovate boldly.

Beyond Traditional Advisory

The core of my advisory practice is holistic — it goes beyond simple business advice. I integrate aspects of lifestyle coaching with strategic business planning, which addresses the evolving needs of dynamic professionals. Thus, decisions made in the boardroom tend to be well-aligned with personal goals and life paths. Ultimately, we’re working together to create a harmonious work-life integration that enhances overall satisfaction and productivity.

Advisory Rates

T ransparency in pricing builds trust. My services start at ¥20,000 per hour, reflecting our bespoke collaboration. I believe in fair pricing that matches the value delivered. Therefore, clients understand what they are paying for and why. My rates reflect the unique challenges and scope of each project. This provides flexibility and adaptability to meet diverse needs effectively.

Connect with me to begin crafting your unique strategy that bridges the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be. Together, let’s build a future that resonates with success, integrity, and innovation.