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What Is The Delphi Network?

The Delphi Network is a powerful community of intellectual synergy and professional exclusivity. Founded by siblings Dan and Rosie Slater, Delphi has become a linchpin for business intelligence and relationship-building in Tokyo. As an advisor, I bring the unconventional insights gotten in my career in IT, music, and real estate, and help to steer dialogues towards more transcendental conclusions.

Exclusivity That’s Worth Every Penny

There are many business networking clubs, entirely too many to count. Most are little more than Old Boys’ Drinking Clubs. The Delphi Network sets itself apart by raising members based on their merits and unique viewpoints instead of willingness to pay dues. Delphi offers a blend of exclusivity and safety, making it a go-to haven for expat and local country managers in Japan. It’s a great place to exchange meaningful experiences with vetted parties, in addition to business cards.

A Goldmine of Business Acumen

The Delphi Network provides direct access to those who know Japanese business practice best – the CEOs. As such, it’s an excellent space to brush up on historical precedent or to test new concepts in private. The network is chock-full of invaluable know-how and career-enhancing insights shared directly by those who shape the market.

The Delphi Network Advantage

  • Exclusive Access to Industry Leaders

  • Tailored Educational Opportunities

  • High-Caliber Networking

  • Innovative and Immersive Events

  • Ethical and Transparent Community

Members are more than faces in a crowd; they’re the trailblazers and the confidants. Whether it’s Dan’s acute business strategies or my own perspectives on gonzo IT, deep, meaningful exchanges abound within the network. We don’t just connect people; we connect with them.

My Contributions

  • Strategic Insights

    Drawing from diverse experiences ranging from live music venues to strategic real estate analysis, I infuse The Delphi Network with real-world wisdom and practical insights to tackle international market complexities.

  • Event Curation

    The Delphi Network’s diverse events, from intimate Salons and CEO Summits to transformative rural retreats, are designed to inspire and provoke new ways of thinking among our members.

  • Membership Federation

    At The Delphi Network, expansion is a strategic imperative. I focus on onboarding the right members and forging strong relationships to extend our influence and realize our ambitious goals.

Join The Delphi Network


eing part of The Delphi Network is more than a passtime — it’s an adventure in influence and innovation. Our membership of CEOs and Country Managers contributes to the future of global business practices through a fusion of exclusive insights and rigorous integrity. If this sounds like you, don’t wait to contact me about it.

For more information on The Delphi Network, visit our Membership page here, or click the button to contact me directly.