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ife experiences influence business practice, not the other way around. I’ve gotten myself out of my fair share of unique, frequently life-threatening situations, so you better believe I bring that to the table in my consulting.

One of my favorite hobbies in elementary school was subtly rearranging desk items to see who noticed what, and to what level of detail.

In rock and roll, I first learned to read audiences from the middle of the pit to avoid broken noses, and then from the stage to spur on the communal carnage.

As a first responder to natural disasters, I spent as much energy keeping an eye on my surroundings to predict what came next as I did manipulating the physical environment to simply not die.

Rewild Your Business


y greatest successes come from left field. I have little time for good intents with bad execution. It’s been said I exhibit “child-like wonder” when working on meaningful projects. It’s not every business, but a considerable number in the modern era have a distinctly dated approach to their practice.

The purpose of consulting is to tweeze out novel solutions to either present or looming issues of all sizes. I am not a maximalist in asserting that “novel” aspect, but I do believe that it ought to be considered in application.

To my merit, I have a wide range of experience working on the periphery of accepted practice. I excel at introducing those learnings to clients interested in seeing what lay on the other side of veil.

Some businesses are fine as they are, and persist. Others will cling to established methodology proven deleterious, and die. Others still will embrace the notion of change, and reap the rewards.

It’s time to drop pretense, acknowledge your current reality, and identify the roadmap to ascend to the higher plains of practice. It’s time to rewild your business, and I provide just the consulting you’ll need to navigate.

Consulting Rates


ach individual or organization has their own unique circumstances that we’ll need to review to establish scope of project. From there, we’ll be able to adjust as we go – I’m quite passionate about being flexible when it comes to business optimization.

But in order for you to get an idea of costs before we produce an initial granular costing rundown, generally speaking my services start at ¥10,000 per hour.

If you’re ready to start the rewilding journey, I’m more than happy to be a guiding voice along the way. Get in touch, and let’s take your practice to new, wonderful places!


  • Cost Transformation

    Dated but costly processes can bog down organizational development. Find out how to improve via a workflow audit.

  • Customer Experience

    There’s product, and then there’s environment. Focus only on the former, and you’ll have a hard time earning repeat customers.

  • Learning & Development

    Understanding the lay of the land is essential to success, but doing so isn’t easy – Let’s up your intel game.

  • Operations

    Chances are that your organization is performing less than optimally, and that’s fine, if you choose to identify and address it.

  • Organization

    Organization = organism. Work with me to better understand the many moving parts of your business and optimize them.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Can you sell with a shitty website & dated marketing? Sure, it’s just lots of work. Develop precision sales & marketing tactics with me.

  • Strategy

    Production. Marketing. Finance. The Board. There are many pieces of an organization to align in search of peak performance.

  • Sustainability

    Think talking points are enough to change the world? Think again. I’ll help you put your money where your mouth is.