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The Media Must Flow


edia production and distribution is a really funny industry to work in:

Everyone wants media. No one wants to make it, but if they do, they do it terribly. Neither do they want to pay for it, but if they do they complain incessantly. If they somehow get their hands on it, they bellyflop on execution, and it ends up a waste of time.

And I get it. It’s a hassle. There’s a huge learning curve. Gear is super expensive. You’ll fail a fuck ton before you get something with a marginally passing grade. Why bother, right?


Professional Media is Expensive. Sub-pro? Not So Much


here’s a whole lot that goes into the costs of media production. But let’s talk hardware, the core without which you can’t do anything else.

I’ve spent about $4,000 on cameras, about $1,000 on audio equipment, and then another $1,000 or so on various accessories. That’s, what, $6,000 total? That is nowhere near close to what a Pro Media Kit looks like. Which partially explains the costs of hiring the real deal.

So yes, I’m no pro. But I have spent years with photography, video, and audio to know my way around it pretty well. And a lot of the time, the media I produce is much better than “good enough.”

Which is great for your wallet, if you want some pretty good stuff done for your kind of serious hobby.

Media Production Rates

  • Video Production
    New band that needs a music video? YouTube cooking show need a facelift? Want to document a bike trip? Let’s talk.
  • Editing
    Cuts, transitions, subtitling; levels, normalization, noise cancellation, etc., this is where the magic happens.
  • Audio Production
    Barebones 6-channel mixes. Way better than what you’ll do, absolutely below Pro, definitely good for demos.
  • Photography
    Location exploration, subject matter experimentation, and the experiences that accompany them.
  • Media Management
    If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you already understand what a hassle managing your media accounts is.

Ready to get a start on media production to better get your projects out there and noticed? Great! Get in touch and get ready to rock and roll!