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Web Design is Essential


eb design is an absolutely integral part of literally any digital presence. If you roll out some sloppy POS and expect anyone to be interested, you’ve got another thing coming. On top of that, if your web design is less than attractive, easy to use, and intuitive, where’s your pride?

Of course, there are many content management systems out there for you to consider. Some are proprietary, others open-source; some with a specific use case, others more open ended. Deciding which CMS you would like to use will affect how your web design develops.

Fortunately, amongst the many options, there are a select few that rank considerably higher than all others. These are the ones I generally use on web design projects.

Be Proud of Your Efforts


great website does more than just facilitate engagement. With an appealing, functional site, your visitors will be sure to notice the care you’ve taken with the site. This can color their opinion of your organization or yourself, facilitate word of mouth promotion, and even provide them with valuable information that positively affects their livelihood.

The bare minimum just doesn’t cut it for your business’ bottom line or for your reputation. Make something that perfectly attends to the needs of users, reap the rewards, and feel good about yourself!

Web Design Rates


rice depends on scope of work. A personal blog is quite different from a full-service clothing boutique’s ecommerce set up.

With web design, we need to determine your specific circumstances, experiment to determine the best approach, and iterate from there.

While prices vary widely from project to project, average prices for an SME website build start at ¥250,0000, and monthly admin from ¥50,000/month.

Got a project that needs to be taken online? Well, what are you waiting for – get in touch!