• Matthew Ketchum

    Creative. Consultant. Thrillseeker.

Professional Background


t is no secret that Matthew Ketchum has a hunger for exploring the limits of global business. From corporate commerce to IT startups, Rock & Roll to real estate, he doesn’t bow to convention. Through his professional activities, Matthew works to achieve his vision of a brighter future.

Matthew is the founder & CEO of U235 LLC, an organization based out of Olympia, WA. U235 develops opportunities in independent music culture, and does business in Japan under the guise of Kaala.

Additionally, Matthew is co-founder of Akiya & Inaka, a real estate consultancy working with Japan’s storied vacant houses (aka akiya). By helping clients access this nascent infrastructure, they contribute to the development of sustainable, 21st Century communities across the countryside (aka inaka).

Furthermore, Matthew is also an independent consultant and web designer, has served as executive director of chambers of commerce in Tokyo, project manager for blockchain projects in Seattle, and donates much of his free time to development activities in Tohoku.

Independently, Matthew is also a musician, booker, and tour manager in Japan’s independent music scene. Over the last 7 years, he’s coordinated over 50 events and worked on 3 large scale international music festivals. He has also spoken at US universities about the dynamic cultures and alternative business models in the “underground.”

Relatedly, he has also started as an amateur media producer, stitching together the strands of Japan’s music scene scattered in coronatime. The pandemic has wrecked the Status Quo, and by and large he sees this as a net-positive. He seeks to document the evolution of societies resulting from these difficult times.

Matthew Ketchum, In Summary


atthew is, in a word, curious. Specifically, he is curious about the potential of the world around him, and about that of others. He develops business, communities, and individuals alike, uncovering the unique, positive opportunities hidden between us all.

This site is dedicated to some of those unique opportunities, the wonderful experiences he has had exploring them, and the very important role it has played in his personal and professional development.