• Matt Ketchum

    Creative Consultant Based in Japan, Serving the World

Welcome to MKUltraman: Unleashing Innovation and Creativity

Welcome, wayward traveler, to the vast and eclectic world of me, Matt Ketchum, aka MKUltraman.

Here, innovative solutions, persistent creativity, and non-standard strategic visions converge in a singularity of strangely compelling practices. My personal and professional journeys merged long ago, embracing a relentless pursuit of fringe experiences & cultures worth exploring.

Technology Leadership: Pioneering Blockchain and AI Innovations

With cutting-edge technologies, I often find myself at the forefront of initiatives that introduce groundbreaking solutions to the masses. My role in **blockchain project management**, AI implementations, and sophisticated web design positions me to rapidly develop and implement innovative strategies. I’ve guided teams through complex projects as effectively as I’ve navigated solo ventures, always with an eye on upcoming trends and their practical applications.

With modern technologies, I often find myself spearheading initiatives to bring groundbreaking solutions to the masses. My expertise in blockchain project management, AI implementations, and web design puts me in a useful position to quickly ideate and execute on innovations. I’ve lead teams through complex projects as much as I have solo’d market development, always with an eye on future trends and practical applications.

Real Estate

With Akiyaz, I have been researching, advising, and assisting rural real estate acquisition in Japan for over 7 years. The opportunities outside of Japan’s major metro areas is staggering, from personal property to communal ryokan, and so much more.

Through Digital Springs, I delve into the untapped potential of Japan’s rural real estate and bleeding edge IT. My efforts combine passion with practicality, shaping a new vision for rural real estate through the vetting of vacant properties and countryside communities. My main goal is to efficiently breathe new life into these regions, advocating for sustainable development and modern living solutions.  


Independent music is what got me here in the first place, and the blood of the scene pulses through my veins. I coordinate streams, events, and festivals that celebrate the diversity and depth of underground music through Kaala Music

Through these musical efforts and more, I aim to bridge between cultures, highlighting the unique flavors of Japan’s music landscape to a global audience.



KUltraman represents a tapestry of diverse experiences and deep commitment to each of the communities I, Matt Ketchum, am involved in. And that’s an important distinction to make: be it IT, real estate, entertainment, or any of the other themes I’m generally interested in, my curiosity is stoked by the potential for all of that to positively effect and improve the circumstances for all involved. 

My journey is about creating impact, fostering connections, and exploring the endless possibilities that lie within these dynamic fields. Synthesize them into one, and you’ll find me there waiting for you.