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    Success is Not a Solo Endeavor

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This probably won’t surprise you, but services can be defined a number of ways. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, 15, to be precise. That’s a lot of services!

On that note of precision, I’m a stickler for precise language. When I speak about services – public, professional, or otherwise – I’m almost always referring to the below definition:

Services (noun, pl): contribution to the welfare of others

Over the years, the term services has become a bit loaded. Reflective of the multitudinous definition highlighted above, this has just as much to do, I think, with the type of services sought, as well as the mode of execution.

Work, Together


o whit, both means and intent factor into the services selection process, but often enough I see only the former.

Which is a convoluted way of saying, there’s a lot of technical delivery but not so much alignment of mission. And that’s kind of a cold way to go about conducting business. Call me sentimental, but I like working with others I don’t have to second guess.

That working with others part is important: History shows us that camaraderie and cooperation has overwhelmingly been the key to success for millennia. It’s a rare case where a sole individual accomplishes wonders.

Which is where I come in. You have a project you are passionate about, and are in need of assistance. This is a frustrating, challenging place to be without the resources you need. I can sympathize. I’ve been desperate in the same situation countless times.

But through that struggle, I’ve learned a lot. Entertainment, IT, NGOs; stakeholder mapping, market analysis, media production, it has shown me much. And my read on the world, and thus business, is pulled from these diverse professional experiences.

I provide certain specialized or technical services, yes, but at the core my offering is to work with you dynamically to help you achieve your goals. Or even just realize them if need be.

For such a simple word, services can be very hard to understand when you look under the hood.